Shampoo Label on Tube

Create your own shampoo labels - for yourself or as a gift.

Individual gifts are more popular than ever. Self-designed cosmetic products are suitable as a personal gift for every occasion. Simply design the labels on the tubes and give the shampoo an individual touch. You have the possibility to design the labels according to your wishes. Simply use our online design editor. You can place images, names and text as you like. If you do not have a suitable photo for your shampoo available, you can choose your desired image from a variety of image databases. 
In order for you or the person receiving the gift to enjoy the self-designed shampoo label for a long time, we pay attention to the quality and longevity of the labels. The labels are abrasion-resistant, wipe-proof and permanently legible and durable. 
So there is nothing to prevent a gift with individual value that promises longevity.

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